Pending Taxonomic Proposals

The file below provides a list of the taxonomic proposals considered during the July, 2017 Executive Committee (EC) meeting in Singapore. These proposals can be accessed online at and are available for comment by all interested virologists. 

Following the EC's discussions, each proposal has been assigned to one of the following three categories:

A: Proposals bearing the code 'A' (as in 2017.002D.A.v1.Amdoparvovirus_2sp) and posted under the heading  'EC-Approved....'  have been assessed as non-controversial, species-only proposals, which meet the required standard. As such, they are being fast-tracked for approval and will go forward automatically for ratification by vote of the full ICTV membership in early 2018.

U: Proposals coded 'U' and posted under the heading 'Under Consideration....' involve more complex taxonomic changes. EC approval in these cases is provisional, pending feedback from the virology community. The EC will take a final decision on these proposals in about two months' time. If at that time no adverse comments have been received, the EC will normally confirm their approval of these proposals, which will then join the 'A' proposals for ratification.

N: There are many reasons why a proposal might be held back in the 'Newly Submitted' folder after the EC meeting. It may be to allow time for consultation with stakeholders or to await major improvements. Most 'N' proposals, however, are judged to require only minor changes and, once these have been made, the proposals commonly advance to the 'U' folder for approval, as above. Readers should therefore view 'N' proposals as being actively 'Open for Discussion', just like 'U' proposals. Please feel free to air your views about them.

None of these proposals will become official taxonomy until ratified by the ICTV membership next spring. Once ratified, the ICTV web site and database will be updated with the new taxonomy and a new Master Species List will be made available.

To comment on any particular proposal, you must first sign in to the ICTV web site using your web site username and password. If you have not yet registered on the web site, you can do so by filling out the form at the following link: