VMR: Virus Metadata Resource

Information on exemplar viruses for each species

The primary, definitive lists of exemplar viruses for each species is provided in chapters of the ICTV 10th (Online) Report (http://ictv.global/report). The list of exemplar viruses appears in the Member Species tables for each genus. For example, for the genus Cyclovirus, the Member Species table appears near the bottom of the following web page: https://talk.ictvonline.org/ictv-reports/ictv_online_report/ssdna-viruses/w/circoviridae/660/genus-cyclovirus.

On this page, we have also made available, a spreadsheet containing exemplars for (currently many, eventually all) virus species, even those not yet described in a published ICTV report chapter. This is the Virus Metadata Resource (VMR) spreadsheet (https://talk.ictvonline.org/taxonomy/vmr/)

The Member Species table and the VMR are the definitive sources for exemplar information, and are both updated based on new information and to correct errors. Taxonomy proposals (available from https://talk.ictvonline.org/files/ictv_official_taxonomy_updates_since_the_8th_report/) represent a snapshot in time and are not updated after the proposal is ratified. They are historical documents, and are therefore not a good source of current information on virus taxa and exemplar viruses.