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Proposed Orthohepevirus A subtype reference sequences

Genotype Subtype GenBank Strain Subgenomic reference sequences / comments
1 1a M73218 Burma  
  1b D11092 HPECG  
  1c X98292 I1  
  1d AY230202 Morocco  
  1e AY204877 T3  
  1f JF443721 IND-HEV-AVH5-2010  
2 2a M74506 M1  
  2b     AF173231-2, AY903950 (ORF2)
3 3a AF082843 Meng  
  3b AP003430 JRA1  
  3c FJ705359 wbGER27  
  3d     AF296165-7 (ORF2)
  3e AB248521 swJ8-5  
  3f AB369687 E116-YKH98C  
  3g AF455784 Osh 205  
  3h JQ013794 TR19  
  3i FJ998008 BB02  
  3j AY115488 Arkell Isolated from pooled material
  3 AB290312 swMN06-A1288  
  3 JQ953664 FR-SHEV3c-like  
  3 AB369689 E088-STM04C  
  3 AB290313 swMN06-C1056  
  3 EU360977 swX07-E1  
  3 KJ873911 FR_R  
  3 EU723513 SW627  
  3ra FJ906895 GDC9 Mostly from rabbit
  3 KJ013415 CHN-BJ-r14(9) From rabbit – divergent within 3ra clade
  3 JQ013791 W1-11 From rabbit – divergent within 3ra clade
4 4a AB197673 JKO-ChiSai98C  
  4b DQ279091 swDQ  
  4c AB074915 JAK-Sai  
  4d AJ272108 T1  
  4e AY723745 IND-SW-00-01  
  4f AB220974 HE-JA2  
  4g AB108537 CCC220  
  4h GU119961 CHN-XJ-SW13  
  4i DQ450072 swCH31  
  4 AB369688 E087-SAP04C  
5 5a AB573435 JBOAR135-Shiz09 From wild boar
6 6a AB602441 wbJOY_06 From wild boar
  6 AB856243 wbJNN_13 From wild boar
7 7a KJ496143 178C From camel
  7 KJ496144 180C From camel

Subtypes 2b and 3d are defined from Lu et al., 2006 by the subgenomic sequences indicated. Unassigned subtypes are denoted by genotype without a subtype designation.

This Table is from:

Smith, D. B., Simmonds, P., Izopet, J., Oliveira-Filho, E. F., Ulrich, R. G., Johne, R., Koenig, M., Jameel, S., Harrison, T. J. & other authors. (2016). Proposed reference sequences for Hepatitis E virus subtypes. J Gen Virol. 97: 537-542 doi: 10.1099/jgv.0.000393

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