List of begomovirus isolates

This list was prepared by the members of the Geminiviridae Study Group, and contains the official species name, isolate name and acronym for all begomovirus isolate whose sequences are deposited in GenBank. It will be updated regularly.

  • A couple of days back I was analyzing DNA-A of begomovirus which happened to be an isolate of Mesta yellow vein mosaic virus. As I saw this new updated list of begomovirus isolates I want to mention something which I consider as a separate begomovirus specie i.e. Hollyhock yellow vein mosaic virus - [India:Lucknow:Alcea rosea:2011] [JQ911766] which has been summed up as an isolate of Mesta yellow vein mosaic virus in this list. It shows maximum 90.4 percent pairwise identity with Mesta yellow vein mosaic virus - [Pakistan:Lahore:17-5:2006] [FR772081] so it should be considered as a new specie according to latest threshold of 91 percent. I don't know about the isolates of other species but this list needs to be checked again.