SG Information

Table 2 - Unassigned complete coding region sequences (May 2019)


Genotype1          Locus/Isolate(s)2              Accession no(s)                 Reference

Genotype 1

1_AJ851228                 AJ851228                    AJ851228                     (Bracho et al., 2006)

1_KC248195                160526                        KC248195                   (Li et al., 2013)

1_HQ537007               CYHCV025                 HQ537007                   (Demetriou & Kostrikis, 2011)

1_KJ439780                 QC60                           KJ439780                     (Lu et al., 2014)

1_KJ439776                 QC152                         KJ439776                     (Lu et al., 2014)

1_KJ439777                 QC180                         KJ439777                    (Lu et al., 2014)


Genotype 2

2_JF735119                 QC331                         JF735119                     (Li et al., 2012)

2_JF735110                 QC114                         JF735110                     (Li et al., 2012)

2_JF735117                 QC297                         JF735117                     (Li et al., 2012)

2_JF735116                 QC289                         JF735116                     (Li et al., 2012)

2_JF735118                 QC302                         JF735118                     (Li et al., 2012)

2_KC197236                MRS41                        KC197236                   (Jordier et al., 2013)

2_KC197237                MRS117                      KC197237                   (Jordier et al., 2013)

2_KC197239                PTR9203                     KC197239                   (Jordier et al., 2013)


Genotype 3

3_JF735124                 QC115                         JF735124                     (Lu et al., 2013)


Genotype 4

4_JX227964                 BID-G1253                  JX227964                    (Newman et al., 2013)

4_FJ0258543                P026                            FJ025854                     (Koletzki et al., 2009)

4_JF735127                 QC108                         JF735127                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735132                 QC215                         JF735132                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735131                 QC147                         JF735131                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735130                 QC132                         JF735130                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735129                 QC127                         JF735129                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735138                 QC58                           JF735138                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735135                 QC352                         JF735135                     (Lu et al., 2015)

4_JF735134                 QC253                         JF735134                     (Lu et al., 2015)


Genotype 6

6_DQ2788914              KM45, KM41              DQ278891, DQ278893 (Lu et al., 2006)

6_JX183550                 QC273                         JX183550                    (Wang et al., 2013)

6_JX183549                 KM35                          JX183549                    (Wang et al., 2013)

6_JX183551                 TV257, VN139            JX183551, KJ567644   (Li et al., 2014) (Wang et al., 2013)

6_JX183553                 TV533                         JX183553                    (Wang et al., 2013)

6_JX183554                 L349                            JX183554                    (Wang et al., 2013)

6_JX183558                 QC271                         JX183558                    (Wang et al., 2013)

6_KJ470620                 HKP7                           KJ470620                    (An et al., 2014)

6_KJ470621                 HKP16                         KJ470621                    (An et al., 2014)

6_KJ470622                 HK25                           KJ470622                    (An et al., 2014)

6_KJ470623                 HK26                           KJ470623                    (An et al., 2014)

6_KJ470624                 HK38                           KJ470624                    (An et al., 2014)

6_KJ470625                 HK43                           KJ470625                    (An et al., 2014)

6_KC844039                ZS96                            KC844039                   (Xu et al., 2013)

6_KC844040                ZS202                          KC844040                   (Xu et al., 2013)

6_KJ567652                 TV566                         KJ567652                    (Li et al., 2014)

6_KJ567648                 TV453                         KJ567648                    (Li et al., 2014)

6_KJ567650                 TV548, TV443             KJ567650, KJ567649   (Li et al., 2014)

6_MG878999               1316-1                         MG878999                  (Wu et al., 2018)




1 Classification of sequences into genotypes but without subtype assignments using the format “genotype_Accession number”

2 Locus (or isolate name if locus is the same as the accession number).

3 Previously described as 4b (Koletzki et al., 2009)

4 Previously described as 6k (Lu et al., 2006)


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