Peste des petits ruminants virus - incorrect name in the ICTV database?

Dear ICTV group,

I was wondering why the name of the peste des petits ruminants virus (species Small ruminant morbillivirus) is spelled with hyphens in the ICTV database (peste-des-petits-ruminants).

Nobody in the research community working on this virus uses hyphens and the name of the disease does not contain hyphen (please see OIE website). There is currently a global effort to eradicate this disease. It is important not to confuse researchers and stakeholders with discrepancies in the name used by international institutions. Genbank currently forces researchers to use the virus name with hyphen although it is incorrect.

The change of the species name was already quite detrimental with confusion among researchers, and appearance of the abbreviation SRMV in the litterature instead of the correct PPRV abbreviation for the virus name.

Would it be possible to correct the virus name in the ICTV website?

Best regards,

Arnaud Bataille

Co-head of the OIE/FAO/EU reference laboratory for PPR

  • Hi Arnaud,

    After consultation with the Paramyxoviridae Study Group Chair, Dr Bert Rima, we have changed the virus name to peste des petits ruminants virus (abbreviated to PPRV) in both the Virus Metadata Resource (VMR) and in the Online Report chapter. This change of course, has no effect on the species name which remains Small ruminant morbillivirus.
    Thank-you for helping us to improve the VMR.
    Stuart Siddell, ICTV Vice President
    Elliot Lefkowitz, ICTV Data Secretary