Human Coronavirus-OC43

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I can not find HCoV-OC43 in new ICTV taxonomy?

May I ask you help me?

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  • Thank-you Jila for your question, and Eduardo for your spot-on answer. One available method to find the species of a particular virus is through the Virus Metadata Resource. (You can download the VMR spreadsheet from: The VMR provides information on virus isolate exemplars as well as other isolates that have been classified as members of a particular species. The virus, human coronavirus OC43, can be found under the virus name(s) column, and then you can see that it is classified under the species Betacoronavirus 1. The VMR is not a comprehensive listing of all virus isolates, but it is useful as a first place to check when trying to find the correct classification.



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  • Hi Dear Prof.Elliot,

    Thanks a lot for your help. I got it but why it is not written in the proposal for betacoronavirus 1?

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