Virus classification

I have a lots of data about species of viruses and I want to know about the family information of those viruses. I have downloaded the ICTV classification table of 2020. Still I am not able the get the information about the family information of all virus species.

I am getting something like this -

Streptococcus virus EJ-1 #N/A
Lactobacillus virus Lc-Nu #N/A
Lactobacillus virus phiAT3 Siphoviridae
Streptococcus virus O1205 Siphoviridae
Mycobacterium virus Pacc40 Siphoviridae
Sinorhizobium virus PBC5 #N/A
Abelson murine leukemia virus #N/A
Salmonella virus SETP3 Siphoviridae
Clostridium virus phiC2 #N/A
Enterobacteria virus N4 #N/A
Invertebrate iridescent virus 3 Iridoviridae
Staphylococcus virus Twort Herelleviridae
Bacillus virus SPO1 Herelleviridae
Vibrio virus VHML Myoviridae
Streptococcus virus DT1 Siphoviridae
Yersinia virus L-413C #N/A
Chlamydia virus CPAR39 Microviridae
Bacillus virus B103 Salasmaviridae
Streptococcus virus PH10 #N/A
Prochlorococcus virus P-SSM2 #N/A
Lactococcus virus TP901-1 #N/A

If anyone help me out in this then it will be very good.

  • Most of the viruses listed above are covered by the Bacterial viruses Subcommittee and I will let them comment on the species and family under which these viruses are classified. 

    Abelson murine leukemia virus was merged into the species Murine leukemia virus in 1999 and is a member of the Gammaretrovirus genus, Orthoretrovirinae subfamily, and Retroviridae familyTo find this information for any past taxon name, enter the name in the "Search taxonomy..." box on the page, be sure to check the box "Select to search across all ICTV releases".