Latest total number of plant virus species

Hi and good afternoon,

My name is Aisyah Fatiha Zailan from Malaysia. I am student of microbiology. I would like to ask how many number of plant virus species since I want to include the data in my thesis. I feel glad if any great scientist here answer my question. Thank you very much.

  • Hi Aisyah,

    The total number of current species recognized by the ICTV is 9,110. As for viruses that infect plants, you can get an approximate number of current species that encompass these viruses by looking at the data in the ICTV Virus Metadata resource (VMR: In this spreadsheet there is one row that provides an exemplar virus for each species and a column that indicates host. (There are additional rows containing additional isolates, and these need to be filtered out to get an accurate number of species with viruses that infect plants.) Based on this data, the total number of currently recognized species (MSL #36, 2020) containing viruses that infect plants is 1992. This number includes satellite viruses.