General proposals on Realms, Phyla and improving naming rules

Inspired by Professor L. J. Elliot I'm showing my proposals regarding realm names, phyla and improving naming rules.

Realm Deoxyriboviria regarding all DNA based virus (phyla Duastradnaviricota for dsDNA viruses and Sistradnaviricota for ssDNA viruses) and Retroviria for all retroviruses (Sistraretroviricota and Duastraretrovirocota).

Adding phyla Posirnaviricota and Duarnaviricota for ssRNA+ and dsRNA viruses in Realm Riboviria.

Specie's names should be composed by only one name, possibly latin or latinizate, without using again the word virus already used by genus. 
Specie's names should be readable improving memorization and association, as any other name in the taxonomic system.
Subgenus should be named with another suffix in order to avoid abiguity (proposed here the suffix -viritus)
Betacoronavirus (Sarcoviritus) sarwuhaniensis [SARSCoV2, that is more reliable as a common name for the virus instead of a specie's one],
Hepiunalikevirus Haemophaprimulum [Hp1likevirus Haemphilus phage HP1])  
Subspecies's names should be composed by one word regarding distinct details about the subspecie (real words latinized or composed words latinizated like in Lavidaviridae where Lavida is composed for LArge-VIrus Dependent or Associated).

Hoping to see some discussions about these ideas, I'm here to learn too.