Dear colleagues,

I have a question concerning genus Viunavirus (aka Vi1virus) ( In 2017 (according to the document, a new genus Cba120virus was separated from the genus Vi1virus and both viruses were placed in subfamily Cvivirinae. But it seems like moving of VVi1virus into Cvivirinae was made with a mistake and in some tables genus Vi1virus is mentioned twice: in subfamily Cvivirinae and also in family Myoviridae (according to the document And in ICTV Master Species List 2018b.v1 release (available here is placed in the family Myoviridae, while in the *.doc-part of this genus is considered as a member of Cvivirinae

I would be very please if you could clarify the situation with taxonomic position of this genus.


Elizaveta Minina.

  • Elizaveta,

    Thanks for your feedback. This looks like an error. Renaming of the genus Vi1virus to Viunavirus appeared twice in the proposal 2018.007B.A.v4.rename137gen6sp. Once in the (apparently) correct position in the family Ackermannviridae, and a second time in the family Myoviridae. It is the Myoviridae line that ended up taking precedent. I will inform the Subcommittee of the problem, and they should have this fixed in the next release.



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