Genus: Potyvirus

Genus: Potyvirus

Distinguishing features

The largest genus in the family contains viruses transmitted by aphids in a non-persistent manner.



Virions are flexuous filaments, 680–900 nm long and 11–13 nm wide, with helical symmetry and a pitch of about 3.4 nm. Particles of some viruses are longer in the presence of divalent cations than in the presence of EDTA.

Physicochemical and physical properties

Virion Sedimentation coefficient S20,w is 137–160S; density in CsCl is 1.31 g cm−3; Extinction coefficient E0.1%1 cm, 260 nm=2.4–2.7. 

Nucleic acid

Virions contain a single molecule of linear, positive-sense ssRNA of about 9.7 kb; virions contain 5% RNA by weight.


Virions contain a single coat (capsid) protein (CP) of 30–47 kDa. The CP of most isolates of the type species, Potato virus Y, contains 267 aa.

Genome organization and replication

The genome is organized as described in Figure 2.Potyviridae.


Virions are moderately immunogenic; there are serological relationships among many members. Some monoclonal antibodies react with most aphid-transmitted potyviruses. The CP aa sequence identity among aphid-transmitted viruses is 40–70%. Some viruses are serologically related to viruses in the genera Rymovirus and Bymovirus


Many individual viruses have a narrow host range, but a few infect plant species in up to 30 host families. The viruses are transmitted by aphids in a non-persistent manner and are transmissible experimentally by mechanical inoculation. Some isolates are inefficiently transmitted by aphids and others are not transmissible by aphids at all. This is apparently due to mutations within the helper component and/or CP cistrons. Some viruses are seed-transmitted.

Species demarcation criteria

See discussion under family description.

Member species

SpeciesVirus name(s)Exemplar isolateExemplar accession numberExemplar RefSeq numberAvailable sequenceOther isolatesOther isolate accession numbersVirus abbreviationIsolate abbreviation
African eggplant mosaic virusAfrican eggplant mosaic virus2013-281MF997470Complete genomeAEMV
Algerian watermelon mosaic virusAlgerian watermelon mosaic virusH4EU410442NC_010736Complete genomeAWMV
Alstroemeria mosaic virusAlstroemeria mosaic virus; Alstroemeria streak virusO1AB158522Partial genomeAlMV
Alternanthera mild mosaic virusAlternanthera mild mosaic virusBREF442668Partial genomeAltMMV
Amaranthus leaf mottle virusAmaranthus leaf mottle virusIAJ580095Partial genomeAmLMV
Amazon lily mosaic virusAmazon lily mosaic virusJPAB158523Partial genomeALiMV
Angelica virus YAngelica virus YgEF488741Partial genomeAVY
Apium virus YApium virus Y; parsley virus YCeHM363516NC_014905Complete genomeApVY
Araujia mosaic virusAraujia mosaic virusARG1973EF710625Partial genomeArjMV
Arracacha mottle virusArracacha mottle virusC-17DQ925486NC_018176Complete genomeAMoV
Asparagus virus 1Aasparagus virus 1DSMZ PV-0954KJ830760NC_025821Complete genomeAV1
Banana bract mosaic virusbanana bract mosaic virusPHDQ851496NC_009745Complete genomeBBrMV
Barbacena virus YBarbacena virus YKLL097KU685505NC_030847Complete genomeBarVY
Basella rugose mosaic virusBasella rugose mosaic virusACDQ821938NC_009741Complete genomeBaRMV
Basella rugose mosaic viruspeace lily mosaic virusHaiphongDQ851494PcLMV
Bean common mosaic necrosis virusbean common mosaic necrosis virus; bean common mosaic virus serotype ANL-3U19287NC_004047Complete coding genomeBCMNV
Bean common mosaic virusblackeye cowpea mosaic virusRAJ312437NC_003397Complete genomeBlCMV
Bean common mosaic viruspeanut stripe virusblotchU34972PStV
Bean common mosaic virusbean common mosaic virusNL1AY112735BCMV
Bean yellow mosaic virusbean yellow mosaic virusMB4D83749NC_003492Complete genomeBYMV
Bean yellow mosaic viruswhite lupin mosaic virusWDQ641248WhLMV
Beet mosaic virusbeet mosaic virusWaAY206394NC_005304Complete genomeBtMV
Bidens mosaic virusBidens mosaic virusSP01KF649336NC_023014Complete genomeBiMV
Bidens mottle virusBidens mottle virus; sunflower chlorotic spot virusSF-1AF538686NC_014325Complete genomeBiMoV
Blue squill virus Ablue squill virus ASW3JQ807999NC_019415Complete genomeBSVA
Brugmansia mosaic virusBrugmansia mosaic virusSKJX867236NC_020105Complete genomeBruMV
Brugmansia suaveolens mottle virusBrugmansia suaveolens mottle virusBs-CampinasAB551370NC_014536Complete genomeBsMoV
Butterfly flower mosaic virusbutterfly flower mosaic virusHangzhouAM774001Partial genomeBFMV
Calanthe mild mosaic virusCalanthe mild mosaic virusJPAB011404Partial genomeCalMMV
Calla lily latent viruscalla lily latent virusm19No entry in GenbankCLLV
Callistephus mottle virusCallistephus mottle virusDJKX013584NC_030794Complete genomeCalMoV
Canna yellow streak virusCanna yellow streak virusUKGQ421689NC_013261Complete genomeCaYSV
Carnation vein mottle viruscarnation vein mottle virusJPAB017630Partial genomeCVMoV
Carrot thin leaf viruscarrot thin leaf virusCsJX156434NC_025254Complete genomeCTLV
Carrot virus Ycarrot virus YVicAF203537Partial genomeCarVY
Catharanthus mosaic virusCatharanthus mosaic virusMandevilla-USKP343681NC_027210Complete genomeCatMV
Celery mosaic viruscelery mosaic virusCaliforniaHQ676607NC_015393Complete genomeCeMV
Ceratobium mosaic virusCeratobium mosaic virus13AF022442Partial genomeCerMV
Chilli ringspot viruschilli ringspot virusHN/14JN008909NC_016044Complete coding genomeCRSV
Chilli veinal mottle viruschilli veinal mottle virusPVBAJ237843NC_005778Complete genomeChiVMV
Chinese artichoke mosaic virusChinese artichoke mosaic virusJPAB099711Partial genomeChAMV
Clitoria virus YClitoria virus YQDAF228515Partial genomeClVY
Clover yellow vein virusclover yellow vein virusNo.30AB011819NC_003536Complete coding genomeClYVV
Cocksfoot streak viruscocksfoot streak virusDEAF499738NC_003742Complete genomeCSV
Colombian datura virusColumbian datura virus; Petunia flower mottle virusUKJQ801448NC_020072Complete genomeCDV
Commelina mosaic virusCommelina mosaic virusFLNo entry in GenbankComMV
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic viruscowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus; South African passiflora virusZMAF348210NC_004013Complete coding genomeCABMV
Cucurbit vein banding viruscucurbit vein banding virus3.1KY657266NC_035134Complete genomeCVBV
Cypripedium virus YCypripedium virus YCPAF185954Partial genomeCypVY
Cyrtanthus elatus virus ACyrtanthus elatus virus A; Vallota speciosa virusMarijiniup 7JQ723475NC_017977Complete genomeCEVA
Daphne mosaic virusDaphne mosaic virusCZDQ299908NC_008028Complete genomeDapMV
Daphne virus YDaphne virus YSKKU556609NC_038984Complete genomeDVY
Dasheen mosaic virusdasheen mosaic virusM13AJ298033NC_003537Complete genomeDsMV
Dasheen mosaic virusvanilla mosaic virusCIKX505964VanMV
Datura shoestring virusDatura shoestring virusINNo entry in GenbankDSSV
Diuris virus YDiuris virus YAUAF203527Partial genomeDiVY
Donkey orchid virus Adonkey orchid virus ASW3.1JX156422NC_021197Complete coding genomeDOVA
East Asian Passiflora virusEast Asian passiflora virusAOAB246773NC_007728Complete genomeEAPV
Endive necrotic mosaic virusendive necrotic mosaic virus1/85AJ223827Partial genomeENMV
Euphorbia ringspot virusEuphorbia ringspot virusUSAY697300Partial genomeEuRSV
Freesia mosaic virusFreesia mosaic virusKOFM206346NC_014064Complete genomeFreMV
Fritillary virus Yfritillary virus YPan'anAM039800NC_010954Complete genomeFVY
Gloriosa stripe mosaic virusGloriosa stripe mosaic virus; christmas bell potyvirusCBEF427894NC_038562Complete coding genomeGSMV
Habenaria mosaic virusHabenaria mosaic virusHa-1AB818538NC_021786Complete genomeHaMV
Hardenbergia mosaic virusHardenbergia mosaic virus57.2HQ161081NC_015394Complete genomeHarMV
Henbane mosaic virushenbane mosaic virusPHYS/HAM184113Partial genomeHMV
Hibbertia virus YHibbertia virus YKioloaAF228516Partial genomeHiVY
Hippeastrum mosaic virusHippeastrum mosaic virusMarijiniup 1JQ395040NC_017967Complete genomeHiMV
Hyacinth mosaic virushyacinth mosaic virusNannup BC28KY828925NC_037051Complete genomeHyaMV
Impatiens flower break virusimpatiens flower break virusAsanKU981084NC_030236Complete genomeIFBV
Iris fulva mosaic virusiris fulva mosaic virusUSNo entry in GenbankIFMV
Iris mild mosaic virusiris mild mosaic virusWA-1JF320812Partial genomeIMMV
Iris severe mosaic virusiris severe mosaic virusBJKT692938NC_029076Complete genomeISMV
Japanese yam mosaic virusJapanese yam mosaic virusmildAB027007NC_000947Complete genomeJYMV
Jasmine virus TJasmine virus TFZKT222674NC_029051Complete genomeJVT
Johnsongrass mosaic virusJohnsongrass mosaic virus; sugarcane mosaic virus Johnsongrass strainAUZ26920NC_003606Complete coding genomeJGMV
Kalanchoe mosaic virusKalanchoë mosaic virusF39GQ497731Partial genomeKMV
Keunjorong mosaic viruskeunjorong mosaic virusCheongwonJF838187NC_016159Complete genomeKjMV
Konjac mosaic viruskonjac mosaic virus; Japanese hornwort mosaic virusFAB219545NC_007913Complete genomeKoMV
Leek yellow stripe virusleek yellow stripe virusYuhang GYHAJ307057NC_004011Complete coding genomeLYSV
Lettuce Italian necrotic viruslettuce Italian necrotic virusI234KP769852NC_027706Complete genomeLINV
Lettuce mosaic viruslettuce mosaic virusEX97705NC_003605Complete coding genomeLMV
Lily mottle viruslily mottle virus; tulip band breaking virus; tulip breaking virus lily strainSbAJ564636NC_005288Complete coding genomeLMoV
Lupinus mosaic viruslupine mosaic virusLU2EU847625NC_014898Complete genomeLuMV
Lycoris mild mottle virusLycoris mild mottle virusTWAF399672Partial genomeLyMMoV
Maize dwarf mosaic virusmaize dwarf mosaic virusBulgariaAJ001691NC_003377Complete genomeMDMV
Malva vein clearing virusMalva vein clearing virusDS-Ba-01FM212972Partial genomeMVCV
Meadow saffron breaking virusmeadow saffron breaking virusFRAY388995Partial genomeMSBV
Mediterranean ruda virusMediterranean ruda virusParP17MF953305Complete genomeMeRV
Moroccan watermelon mosaic virusMoroccan watermelon mosaic virusTN05-76EF579955NC_009995Complete genomeMWMV
Narcissus degeneration virusNarcissus degeneration virusZhangzhouAM182028NC_008824Complete genomeNDV
Narcissus late season yellows virusNarcissus late season yellows virusMarijiniup8KC691259NC_023628Complete genomeNLSYV
Narcissus yellow stripe virusNarcissus yellow stripe virusZhangzhouAM158908NC_011541Complete coding genomeNYSV
Nerine yellow stripe virusNerine yellow stripe virusNe800EF362621Partial genomeNeYSV
Nothoscordum mosaic virusNothoscordum mosaic virusCAYNo entry in GenbankNoMV
Onion yellow dwarf virusonion yellow dwarf virusYuhangAJ510223NC_005029Complete coding genomeOYDV
Ornithogalum mosaic virusOrnithogalum stripe mosaic virusKPJQ807997NC_019409Complete genomeOrMV
Ornithogalum virus 2Ornithogalum virus 2JapaneseAB271783Partial genomeOrV2
Ornithogalum virus 3Ornithogalum virus 3JPAB282754Partial genomeOrV3
Panax virus YPanax virus YYunnanGQ916624NC_014252Complete genomePanVY
Papaya leaf distortion mosaic viruspapaya leaf distortion mosaic virusPBD171712NC_005028Complete genomePLDMV
Papaya ringspot viruspapaya ringspot virusHAX67673NC_001785Complete genomePRSV
Papaya ringspot viruspapaya ringspot virus; watermelon mosaic virus 1CIAY027810PRSV
Paris mosaic necrosis virusParis mosaic necrosis virusPMNV-cnMF509898Complete genomePMNV
Parsnip mosaic virusparsnip mosaic virusUKNo entry in GenbankParMV
Passiflora chlorosis virusPassiflora chlorosis virusFloridaDQ860147Partial genomePaCV
Passion fruit woodiness viruspassion fruit woodiness virusMU2HQ122652NC_014790Complete genomePWV
Pea seed-borne mosaic viruspea seed-borne mosaic virusDPD1D10930NC_001671Complete coding genomePSbMV
Peanut mottle viruspeanut mottle virusMAF023848NC_002600Complete genomePeMoV
Pecan mosaic-associated viruspecan mosaic-associated virusLAKT633868NC_030293Complete genomePMaV
Pennisetum mosaic virusPennisetum mosaic virusBAY642590NC_007147Complete genomePenMV
Pepper mottle viruspepper mottle virusCaliforniaM96425NC_001517Complete genomePepMoV
Pepper severe mosaic viruspepper severe mosaic virusKOAM181350NC_008393Complete genomePepSMV
Pepper veinal mottle viruspepper veinal mottle virusPDQ645484NC_011918Complete genomePVMV
Pepper yellow mosaic viruspepper yellow mosaic virusPi-15AB541985NC_014327Complete genomePepYMV
Peru tomato mosaic virusPeru tomato mosaic virusPPK13AJ437280NC_004573Complete genomePTV
Pfaffia mosaic virusPfaffia mosaic virusBRAY485276Partial genomePfMV
Pleione virus YPleione virus YAUAF185958Partial genomePlVY
Plum pox virusplum pox virusMAJ243957Complete genomePPV
Plum pox virusplum pox virusDX16415PPV
Plum pox virusplum pox virusRecJQ794501PPV
Plum pox virusplum pox virusW3174AY912055PPV
Plum pox virusplum pox virusEl AmarAM157175PPV
Plum pox virusplum pox virusVolk143KJ787006PPV
Pokeweed mosaic viruspokeweed mosaic virusMS-FRO3JX291161Complete coding genomePkMV
Potato virus Apotato virus AB11AJ296311NC_004039Complete genomePVA
Potato virus ATamarillo mosaic virusFNAJ131403TamMV
Potato virus Vpotato virus VDV 42AJ243766NC_004010Complete coding genomePVV
Potato virus Ypotato virus YOU09509Complete genomePVY
Potato virus Ypotato virus YNX97895PVY
Potato virus Ypotato virus YNTNAY166866PVY
Potato virus Ypotato virus YCAJ890348PVY
Potato virus Ypotato virus YWilga 156AJ889867PVY
Ranunculus leaf distortion virusRanunculus leaf distortion virusRN122DQ152190Partial genomeRanLDV
Ranunculus mild mosaic virusRanunculus mild mosaic virusRN129DQ152191Partial genomeRanMMV
Ranunculus mosaic virusRanunculus mosaic virusRN136DQ152192Partial genomeRanMV
Rhopalanthe virus YRhopalanthe virus YAUAF185956Partial genomeRhVY
Saffron latent virussaffron latent virusIr-Kh1KY562565NC_036802Complete genomeSaLV
Sarcochilus virus YSarcochilus virus YAUAF185957Partial genomeSaVY
Scallion mosaic virusscallion mosaic virusHZAJ316084NC_003399Complete genomeScaMV
Shallot yellow stripe virusshallot yellow stripe virus; Welsh onion yellow stripe virusZQ2AJ865076NC_007433Complete genomeSYSV
Sorghum mosaic virussorghum mosaic virusXiaoshanAJ310197NC_004035Complete coding genomeSrMV
Soybean mosaic virussoybean mosaic virusND00507NC_002634Complete genomeSMV
Soybean mosaic virusAgropyron mosaic virusPinellaAJ507388SMV
Spiranthes mosaic virus 3Spiranthes mosaic virus 3USAAY685218Partial genomeSpMV3
Sudan watermelon mosaic virusSudan watermelon mosaic virusSu94-54KY623505NC_035459Complete genomeSuWMV
Sugarcane mosaic virussugarcane mosaic virusZhejiangAJ297628NC_003398Complete genomeSCMV
Sunflower chlorotic mottle virussunflower chlorotic mottle virusCommonGU181199NC_014038Complete genomeSCMoV
Sunflower mild mosaic virussunflower mild mosaic virusEntre RiosJQ350738NC_021065Complete genomeSMMV
Sunflower mosaic virussunflower mosaic virusTXAF465545Partial genomeSuMV
Sunflower ring blotch virussunflower ring blotch virusChacoKX856009NC_034208Complete genomeSuRBV
Sweet potato feathery mottle virussweet potato feathery mottle virusSD86371NC_001841Complete genomeSPFMV
Sweet potato latent virussweet potato latent virusTWKC443039NC_020896Complete genomeSPLV
Sweet potato mild speckling virussweet potato mild speckling virusARU61228NC_038563Partial genomeSPMSV
Sweet potato virus 2sweet potato virus 2; Ipomoea vein mosaic virus; sweet potato virus YGWB-2JN613807NC_017970Complete genomeSPV2
Sweet potato virus Csweet potato virus CC1GU207957NC_014742Complete genomeSPVC
Sweet potato virus Gsweet potato virus GJesus MariaJQ824374NC_018093Complete genomeSPVG
Tamarillo leaf malformation virusTamarillo leaf malformation virusAKM523548NC_026615Complete genomeTLMV
Telfairia mosaic virusTelfairia mosaic virusNo entry in GenbankTeMV
Telosma mosaic virusTelosma mosaic virusHanoiDQ851493NC_009742Complete genomeTelMV
Thunberg fritillary mosaic virusThunberg fritillary mosaic virusNingboAJ851866NC_007180Complete genomeTFMV
Tobacco etch virustobacco etch virusHATM11458NC_001555Complete genomeTEV
Tobacco mosqueado virustobacco mosqueado virusRS-01KT834407NC_030118Complete genomeTMosqV
Tobacco vein banding mosaic virustobacco vein banding mosaic virusYNDEF219408NC_009994Complete genomeTVBMV
Tobacco vein mottling virustobacco vein mottling virusKYX04083NC_001768Complete genomeTVMV
Tomato necrotic stunt virustomato necrotic stunt virusMX9354JQ314463NC_017824Complete genomeTNSV
Tradescantia mild mosaic virusTradescantia mild mosaic virusIFA195AY861351Partial genomeTraMMV
Tuberose mild mosaic virustuberose mild mosaic virusTWAF062926Partial genomeTuMMV
Tuberose mild mottle virustuberose mild mottle virusHangzhouAJ581528Partial genomeTuMMoV
Tulip breaking virustulip breaking virusTexas FlameKF826466Partial genomeTBV
Tulip mosaic virustulip mosaic virusJPX63630Partial genomeTulMV
Turnip mosaic virusturnip mosaic virusUK1AF169561NC_002509Complete genomeTuMV
Twisted-stalk chlorotic streak virustwisted-stalk chlorotic streak virusDenali 2001AY954248Partial genomeTSCSV
Vallota mosaic virusVallota mosaic virusNZFJ618540Partial genomeValMV
Vanilla distortion mosaic virusvanilla distortion mosaic virusCorKF906523NC_025250Complete genomeVDMV
Verbena virus YVerbena virus YMichiganEU564817NC_010735Complete genomeVVY
Watermelon leaf mottle viruswatermelon leaf mottle virusFLAF028004Partial genomeWLMV
Watermelon mosaic viruswatermelon mosaic virus; watermelon mosaic virus 2FrAY437609NC_006262Complete genomeWMV
Wild melon banding viruswild melon banding virusSu03-07KY623506NC_035458Complete genomeWMVBV
Wild onion symptomless viruswild onion symptomless virusTUR256-1LC159494NC_030391Complete coding genomeWoSV
Wild potato mosaic viruswild potato mosaic virusTypeAJ437279NC_004426Complete genomeWPMV
Wild tomato mosaic viruswild tomato mosaic virusLaichauDQ851495NC_009744Complete genomeWTMV
Wisteria vein mosaic virusWisteria vein mosaic virusBeijingAY656816NC_007216Complete genomeWVMV
Yam mild mosaic virusyam mild mosaic virusBrazilJX470965NC_019412Complete genomeYMMV
Yam mosaic virusyam mosaic virusIvory CoastU42596NC_004752Complete genomeYMV
Yambean mosaic virusyambean mosaic virusSRJN190431NC_016441Complete genomeYBMV
Zantedeschia mild mosaic virusZantedeschia mild mosaic virusTWAY626825NC_011560Complete genomeZaMMV
Zea mosaic virusIranian johnsongrass mosaic virusShzJQ692088NC_018833Complete genomeIJGMV
Zea mosaic virusZea mosaic virusIsraelAF228693ZeMV
Zucchini shoestring viruszucchini shoestring virusRSA Patty panKU355553Complete coding genomeZSV
Zucchini tigre mosaic viruszucchini tigre mosaic virusRe01-25KC345607NC_023175Complete genomeZTMV
Zucchini yellow fleck viruszucchini yellow fleck virusItDQ641510Partial genomeZYFV
Zucchini yellow mosaic viruszucchini yellow mosaic virusTN3AF127929NC_003224Complete genomeZYMV

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.

Derivation of names

Poty: from potato virus Y, an isolate of the type species Potato virus Y

Related, unclassified viruses

Virus name

Accession number

Virus abbreviation

Ammi majus latent virus



Anemone mosaic virus



Arisaema potyvirus 1



Arisaema potyvirus 2



Begonia flower breaking virus



Bermuda grass mosaic virus



Bermuda grass southern mosaic virus



Chickpea yellow mosaic virus



Clitoria chlorosis virus



Commelina mild mosaic virus



Cotyledon virus Y



Delphinium vein-clearing virus



Lily virus A



Melon vein-banding mosaic virus



Muscari mosaic virus



Omphalodes virus Y



Ornamental onion stripe mosaic virus



Ornithogalum necrotic mosaic virus



Ornithogalum virus 4



Passiflora foetida virus Y



Pecan mosaic-associated virus



potato virus B


Siratro 1 virus Y



Siratro 2 virus Y



Snowdrop virus Y



Stenomesson mosaic virus



Tricyrtis virus Y



Trillium crinkled leaf virus



Triteleia mosaic virus



Veltheimia mosaic virus



Veltheimia virus Y



Virus names and virus abbreviations are not official ICTV designations.
* incomplete genome sequence