Genus: Mischivirus

Genus: Mischivirus

Distinguishing features

The genus is distinguished on the basis of genetic characters.



No details are available on the morphology of virions.

Nucleic acid

Genome (Wu et al., 2012, Kemenesi et al., 2015): c. 8,457 nt (5′-UTR: up to 1,407 nt; ORF: 6750–6,846 nt; 3′-UTR: up to 220 nt). The 5′-UTR is exceptionally long. The location of the cre has not been identified. 

Genome organization and replication

Genome layout:

VPg+5′-UTRIRES-II- [L-1AB-1C-1D-2Anpgp/2B-2C/3A-3B-3C-3D] -3′-UTR-poly(A)

The deduced polyprotein is of 2,282 aa. There is likely an L protein of unknown function. 2A is a short polypeptide with an NPG↓P motif.


The natural host is likely the common bent-wing bat (Miniopterus schreibersii) and the groundleaf giant bat (Hipposideros gigas). No virus has been isolated. Viral RNA was detected in pharyngeal and anal swabs of apparently healthy bats.

Derivation of names

Mischivirus: from the host species Miniopterus schreibersii (common bent-wing bat)

Species demarcation criteria

Members of a species of the genus Mischivirus:

  • are less than 30% divergent in polyprotein aa sequence
  • are less than 30% divergent in P1 aa sequence
  • are less than 25% divergent in 2C + 3CD aa sequence
  • share a common genome organization

Member species

Exemplar isolate of the species
SpeciesVirus nameIsolateAccession numberRefSeq numberAvailable sequenceVirus Abbrev.
Mischivirus Amischivirus A1; Minopterus schreibersii picornavirusbat/China/2010JQ814851NC_034381Complete genomeMiV-A1
Mischivirus Bmischivirus B1; bat picornavirusbatPV/V1/13/HunKP054273NC_043072Complete genomeMiV-B1
Mischivirus Cmischivirus C1; African bat icavirusTNo13KP100644NC_026470Complete genomeMiV-C1
Mischivirus Dmischivirus D1; canine picornavirusA128thrKY512802Complete genomeMiV-D1
Mischivirus Emischivirus E1; Suncus murinus mischivirusWencheng-Sm294MF352410Complete genomeMiV-E1

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.