Unassigned Species

Unassigned Species


Strawberry mottle virus, black raspberry virus and chocolate lily virus A are related to satsuma dwarf virus (SDV) in phylogenetic trees using the conserved Pro-Pol region (Figure 4.Secoviridae). They also have a bipartite genome. However, the nature of their capsid protein(s) and their genomic organization are not known. For this reason, they are considered unassigned species in the family Secoviridae. Strawberry latent ringspot virus was formerly considered a sadwavirus because it has two CPs and some distant relation with SDV in phylogenetic trees using the Pro-Pol sequence (Figure 4.Secoviridae). However, its genomic organization is more related to that of cheraviruses (with the exception of the number of CPs, Figure 3.Secoviridae) and it branches more closely with cheraviruses than with sadwaviruses in the phylogenetic trees using the Pro-Pol sequence (Figure 4.Secoviridae). For these reasons, it is not considered a sadwavirus anymore, and is now an unassigned species in the family Secoviridae.

Unassigned species in family Secoviridae

SpeciesVirus name(s)Exemplar isolateExemplar accession numberExemplar RefSeq numberAvailable sequenceOther isolatesOther isolate accession numbersVirus Abbreviation(s)
Black raspberry necrosis virusblack raspberry necrosis virusBRDaV-1 RNA-1: DQ344639; RNA-2: DQ344640RNA-1: NC_008182; RNA-2: NC_008183Complete genomeBRNV-BRDaV-1
Chocolate lily virus Achocolate lily virus AKP2RNA-1: JN052073; RNA-2: JN052074RNA-1: NC_016443; RNA-2: NC_016444Coding complete genomeCLVA-KP2
Strawberry latent ringspot virusstrawberry latent ringspot virusNCGR MEN 454.001RNA-1: AY860978; RNA-2: AY860979RNA-1: NC_006964; RNA-2: NC_006965Complete genomeSLRSV-NCGR MEN 454.001
Strawberry mottle virusstrawberry mottle virusThompsonRNA-1: AJ311875; RNA-2: AJ311876RNA-1: NC_003445; RNA-2: NC_003446Complete genomeSMoV-Thompson

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.
Download GenBank/EMBL query for sequences listed in the table here.
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