Genus: Narmovirus

Genus: Narmovirus

Distinguishing features

These viruses have been isolated from rodents (Lambeth et al., 2009). All members encode a non-structural protein (C).

Members of the genus are phylogenetically related (Figure 3.Paramyxoviridae).


See discussion under family description.

Genome organization and replication

See discussion under family description


See discussion under family description.

Species demarcation criteria

Species demarcation is now entirely based on the distance in the phylogenic tree based on the comparison of complete large (L) protein amino acid sequences. Since the primary criterion is the tree topology, whether a virus belongs to the same species becomes a matter of branch length between the nearest node and the tip of the branch. This length is defined as 0.03 in the trees generated as described in the legend to Figure 3.Paramyxoviridae.

Member species

Exemplar isolate of the species
SpeciesVirus nameIsolateAccession numberRefSeq numberAvailable sequenceVirus Abbrev.
Mossman narmovirusMossman virusAY286409NC_005339Complete genomeMossV
Myodes narmovirusbank vole virus 1RP12MF943130Complete genomeBaV-1
Nariva narmovirusNariva virusT&T/1962FJ362497NC_017937Complete genomeNarV
Tupaia narmovirusTupaia paramyxovirusAF079780NC_002199Complete genomeTupV

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.