Genus: Peropuvirus

Genus: Peropuvirus

Distinguishing features

Since only one genus is currently recognized, the genus description corresponds to the family description.


See discussion under family description.

Genome organization and replication

See discussion under family description.


See discussion under family description.

Species demarcation criteria

No species demarcation criteria have been established beyond virus phylogeny and hosts. Members of different Peropuvirus species differ by about 52–75% in L amino acid sequence, although sequence divergence is not currently used as a formal species demarcation criterion.

Member species

SpeciesVirus name(s)Exemplar isolateExemplar accession numberExemplar RefSeq numberAvailable sequenceOther isolatesOther isolate accession numbersVirus abbreviationIsolate abbreviation
Barnacle peropuvirusBěihǎi barnacle virus 8BHTH14652KX884410NC_032430Complete coding genomeBhBV-8
Beihai peropuvirusBěihǎi rhabdo-like virus 1BHTSS15727KX884412NC_032555Complete coding genomeBhRLV-1
Hubei peropuvirusHúběi rhabdo-like virus 6QTM24798KX884421Complete coding genomeHbRLV-6
Odonate peropuvirusHúběi rhabdo-like virus 8QTM19395KX884420Complete coding genomeHbRLV-8
Pillworm peropuvirusHúběi rhabdo-like virus 5WHSFII19440KX884446Complete coding genomeHbRLV-5
Pteromalus puparum peropuvirusPteromalus puparum negative-strand RNA virus 11KX431032NC_038269Complete genomePpNSRV-1
Woodlouse peropuvirusBěihǎi rhabdo-like virus 2BHTSS7258KX884413NC_032558Complete coding genomeBhRLV-2

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.

Related, unclassified viruses

Virus name

Accession number

Virus abbreviation

Lepeophtheirus salmonis negative-stranded RNA virus 1



Virus names and virus abbreviations are not official ICTV designations.