Genus: Emaravirus

Genus: Emaravirus

Distinguishing features

Since only one genus is currently recognized, the genus description corresponds to that of the family description.


See discussion under family description.

Genome organization and replication

See discussion under family description.


See discussion under family description.

Species demarcation criteria

Species in the genus are demarcated based upon the amino acid sequence of relevant gene products of RNA1 (RdRP), RNA2 (GP) and RNA3 (NP) differing by more than 25%.

Derivation of names 

Emara: from European mountain ash ringspot-associated virus.

Member species

SpeciesVirus name(s)Exemplar isolateExemplar accession numberExemplar RefSeq numberAvailable sequenceOther isolatesOther isolate accession numbersVirus abbreviationIsolate abbreviation
Actinidia chlorotic ringspot-associated emaravirusActinidia chlorotic ringspot-associated virusHN-6RNA1: KT861481; RNA2: KT861482; RNA3: KT861483; RNA4: KT861484; RNA5: KT861485RNA1: NC_038769; RNA2: NC_038770; RNA3: NC_038772; RNA4: NC_038771; RNA5: NC_038773Complete genomeAcCRaV
European mountain ash ringspot-associated emaravirusEuropean mountain ash ringspot-associated virusHamburgRNA1: AY563040; RNA2: AY563041; RNA3: DQ831831; RNA4: DQ831828RNA1: NC_013105; RNA2: NC_013106; RNA3: NC_013108; RNA4: NC_013107Complete genomeEMARaV
Fig mosaic emaravirusfig mosaic virusGr10RNA1: AM941711; RNA2: FM864225; RNA3: FM991954; RNA4: FM992851; RNA5: HE803826; RNA6: HE803827RNA1: NC_029562; RNA2: NC_029565; RNA3: NC_029563; RNA4: NC_029564; RNA5: NC_029566; RNA6: NC_029568Complete genomeFMV
High Plains wheat mosaic emaravirusHigh Plains wheat mosaic virusNebraskaRNA1: KJ939623; RNA2: KJ939624; RNA3: KJ939626; RNA4: KJ939627; RNA5: KJ939628; RNA6: KJ939629; RNA7: KJ939630; RNA8: KJ939631RNA1: NC_029570; RNA2: NC_029549; RNA3: NC_029550; RNA4: NC_029551; RNA5: NC_029552; RNA6: NC_029553; RNA7: NC_029554; RNA8: NC_029555Complete genomeHPWMoV
Pigeonpea sterility mosaic emaravirus 1pigeonpea sterility mosaic virus 1IndiaRNA1: HF568801; RNA2: HF568802; RNA3: HF568803; RNA4: HF568804; RNA5: HF945448RNA1: NC_029575; RNA2: NC_029556; RNA3: NC_029574; RNA4: NC_029557; RNA5: NC_029569Complete genomePPSMV-1
Pigeonpea sterility mosaic emaravirus 2pigeonpea sterility mosaic virus 2ICP8863RNA1: HF912243; RNA2: HF912244; RNA3: HF912245; RNA4: HF912246; RNA5: HG939489; RNA6: HG939490RNA1: NC_030660; RNA2: NC_030662; RNA3: NC_030661; RNA4: NC_030663; RNA5: NC_030658; RNA6: NC_030659Complete genomePPSMV-2
Raspberry leaf blotch emaravirusraspberry leaf blotch virusTaysideRNA1: FR823299; RNA2: FR823300; RNA3: FR823301; RNA4: FR823302; RNA5: FR823303; RNA6: KP970121; RNA7: KP970122; RNA8: KP970123RNA1: NC_029567; RNA2: NC_029558; RNA3: NC_029559; RNA4: NC_029560; RNA5: NC_029561; RNA6: NC_029571; RNA7: NC_029572; RNA8: NC_029573Complete genomeRLBV
Redbud yellow ringspot-associated emaravirusredbud yellow ringspot-associated virusArkansasRNA1: JF795479; RNA2: JF795480; RNA3: JF795481; RNA4: JF795482; RNA5: KU904300Partial genomeRYRaV
Rose rosette emaravirusrose rosette virusArkansas+SEQISORNA1: HQ871942; RNA2: HQ871943; RNA3: HQ871944; RNA4: HQ871945; RNA5: KM007081; RNA6: KM007082; RNA7: KM007083RNA1: NC_015298; RNA2: NC_015299; RNA3: NC_015300; RNA4: NC_015301; RNA5: NC_034979; RNA6:NC_034980; RNA7; NC_034981Complete genomeRRV

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.