Genus: Chrysovirus

Genus: Chrysovirus

Distinguishing features

Members of the genus Chrysovirus infect ascomycetous or basidiomycetous fungi. All members have four dsRNA genome segments ranging from 2.5 to 3.6 kbp. The genome comprises 11.5-12.8 kbp in total. The dsRNA segments are individually encapsidated in separate particles.


See discussion under family description.

Genome organization and replication

See discussion under family description.


See discussion under family description.


See discussion under family description.

Species demarcation criteria

Species demarcation criteria:

  • Host of isolation.
  • Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence data (≤ 70% and ≤ 53% aa sequence identity in the RdRp and CP, respectively)
  • size of dsRNA genome segments
  • length of 5′-UTR

Species demarcation considers a combination of each of the criteria listed above. While nucleotide and amino acid sequence relatedness are important criteria for species demarcation, the other listed criteria may be useful in demarcation of genetically closely related viruses that nevertheless belong to different species.

Member species

SpeciesVirus name(s)Exemplar isolateExemplar accession numberExemplar RefSeq numberAvailable sequenceOther isolatesOther isolate accession numbersVirus abbreviationIsolate abbreviation

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.

Related, unclassified viruses

See Table 3.Chrysoviridae and Figure 3.Chrysoviridae for further details of these viruses.

Virus name

Accession number

Virus abbreviation and exemplar isolate

Number and size of genome segments (bp)

Isaria javanica chrysovirus 1 


dsRNA1: KX898416;
dsRNA2: KX898417;
dsRNA3: KX898418;
dsRNA4: KX898419

IjCV1, NB IFR-19

4 (3593, 3175, 3165, 2874)

Macrophomina phaseolina chrysovirus 1


dsRNA1: KP900886;
dsRNA2: KP900887;
dsRNA3: KP900888;
dsRNA4: KP900889

MpCV1, TN263

4 (3712, 3462, 2927, 2985)

Virus names and virus abbreviations are not official ICTV designations.