Genus: Entomobirnavirus

Genus: Entomobirnavirus

Distinguishing features

Viruses in this genus infect only insects (see (Webster et al., 2016) and references therein).


See discussion under family description.

Genome organization and replication

See discussion under family description.


See discussion under family description.

Species demarcation criteria

Not applicable. 

Member species

Exemplar isolate of the species
SpeciesVirus nameIsolateAccession numberRefSeq numberAvailable sequenceVirus Abbrev.
Drosophila X virusDrosophila X virusSegA: U60650; SegB: AF196645SegA: NC_004177; SegB: NC_004169Complete genomeDXV
Mosquito X virusmosquito X virusSegA: JX403941; SegB: JX403942Complete genomeMoXV

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.

Related, unclassified viruses

Virus name

Accession number

Virus abbreviation

Eridge virus

A: KU754527; B: KU754528


culicine-associated Z virus

A: KF298271; B: KF298272


Espírito Santo virus

A: JN589003; B: JN589002


mosquito X virus

A: JX403941; B: JX403942


Culex Y virus

A: JQ659254; B: JQ659255


Virus names and virus abbreviations are not official ICTV designations.