Genus: Rhadinovirus

Genus: Rhadinovirus

Distinguishing features

The predicted amino acid sequences of members of the genus form a distinct lineage within the subfamily (Figure 1.Gammaherpesvirinae).


See discussion under family description.

Genome organization and replication

Members have a class 2 genome architecture (Figure 2.Herpesviridae and Figure 5.Herpesviridae).


Members have mammals as hosts. Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV in the species Human gammaherpesvirus 8) is an oncovirus, causing Kaposi’s sarcoma and, more rarely, a number of other cancers, particularly in immunocompromised individuals.

Species demarcation criteria

See discussion under family description.

Member species

Exemplar isolate of the species
SpeciesVirus nameIsolateAccession numberRefSeq numberAvailable sequenceVirus Abbrev.
Ateline gammaherpesvirus 2ateline gammaherpesvirus 2; herpesvirus ateles strain 810810M22036NC_038267Partial genomeAtGHV2
Ateline gammaherpesvirus 3ateline gammaherpesvirus 3; herpesvirus ateles73AF083424NC_001987Complete coding genomeAtGHV3; HVA
Bovine gammaherpesvirus 4bovine gammaherpesvirus 4; bovine herpesvirus 466-p-347AF318573NC_002665Complete coding genomeBoGHV4; BHV4
Cricetid gammaherpesvirus 2cricetid gammaherpesvirus 2; rodent herpesvirus PeruPeruHQ221963NC_015049Complete coding genomeCrGHV2; RHVP
Human gammaherpesvirus 8human gammaherpesvirus 8; Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirusGK18AF148805NC_009333Complete genomeHuGHV8; KSHV
Macacine gammaherpesvirus 5macacine gammaherpesvirus 5; rhesus rhadinovirus17577AF083501NC_003401Complete genomeMcGHV5; RRV
Macacine gammaherpesvirus 8macacine gammaherpesvirus 8; retroperitoneal fibromatosis-associated herpesvirus Macaca nemestrinaRFHVMnM78114KF703446Complete coding genomeMcGHV8; RFHV
Macacine gammaherpesvirus 11macacine gammaherpesvirus 11; Japanese macaque rhadinovirus17792AY528864Complete genomeMcGHV11; JMRV
Macacine gammaherpesvirus 12macacine gammaherpesvirus 12; pig-tailed macaque rhadinovirus 2J97167KP265674Complete coding genomeMcGHV12; MneRV2
Murid gammaherpesvirus 4murid gammaherpesvirus 4; murine gammaherpesvirus 68g2.4 (WUMS)U97553NC_001826Complete genomeMuGHV4; MHV68
Murid gammaherpesvirus 7murid gammaherpesvirus 7; wood mouse herpesvirusWM8GQ169129Complete genomeMuGHV7; WMHV
Saimiriine gammaherpesvirus 2saimiriine gammaherpesvirus 2; herpesvirus saimiriA11X64346NC_001350Complete coding genomeSaGHV2; HVS

Virus names, the choice of exemplar isolates, and virus abbreviations, are not official ICTV designations.