New Proposal templates for 2022

(DO NOT use older templates)

The four files provided on this page comprise the 2022 templates needed to submit ICTV proposals for taxonomic changes. Please download all four files and read the Help file for information on submitting proposals prior to using the templates.

The files are as follows:

Taxonomic Proposals Help 2022

Help notes for completing both taxonomic proposal template modules.

Taxonomic Proposal Submission Template 2022 - Word module

This module contains sections for the title page of your proposal and an Appendix for supporting evidence; there is also a section for non-standard proposals. The taxonomic changes you want to make MUST be entered on the accompanying Excel module.

Taxonomic Proposal Submission Template 2022 - Excel module

This is one module of a new two-module template. Use this module to specify the taxonomic changes you wish to make. The other, Word module, is for the title page of your proposal and supporting evidence. The Excel module is a critical document that will be used to implement the proposed taxonomic changes once they are approved and ratified. If proposals presented in the Word module are not presented accurately in the Excel module, the taxonomic changes cannot proceed. Please read the accompanying help notes before starting.

Taxonomic proposals Examples 2022

This document provides some examples of how to use the Excel module to present the proposed taxonomic changes.