ICTV Master Species List 2014 v4

New MSL (MSL #29) including all taxa updates since the 2013 release. This MSL provides updates approved during EC 46, in Montreal, Canada, July 2014, and ratified by the ICTV membership in early 2015.

Version 4 of this file provides the following changes:

  1. Corrected error in species name. Changed Tai Forest ebolavirus to Taï Forest ebolavirus.
  2. Corrected Genome Composition designations and added RefSeq exemplars.
  3. Added spreadsheet tab to provide definitions of the columns in the MSL.

Version 3 of this file provides the following changes:

  1. In the Sphaerolipoviridae, the capitalization of the virus names ph1, sh1, snj1, p23-77 and in93 corrected to PH1, SH1, SNJ1, P23-77 and IN93.
  2. In genus Gammasphaerolipovirus, "phagein in93" corrected to "phage IN93".
  3. Corrected species "Mosso das Pedras virus (78V3531)" to "Mosso das Pedras virus" to match the proposal ICTV 8th Report.
  4. Added columns for isolate name(s), NCBI accession number(s), MSL release number, as well as extended information about the last time each taxon was changed: how and when it was last changed, and what proposal document justified that change, as well as a link to view that taxon's entire history on the web.

Version 2 of this file corrects the placement of the species Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus and Tomato mottle mosaic virus by assigning them to the Tobamovirus genus. (In v1, they were incorrectly assigned to the Tobravirus genus.)

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