ICTV Master Species List 2011 v2

ICTV 2011 Master Species List (MSL) version 2

New MSL including all taxa updates since the 2009 release. This MSL provides updates approved during EC42 in Paris, 2010 and EC43 in Sapporo, 2011, and ratified by the ICTV membership in 2012.

Version 2 of the 2011 MSL restores 5 species unassigned in family Closteroviridae wrongly omitted from MSL (2012.003aP.A.v1.Closteroviridae-5spres): 

Olive leaf yellowing-associated virus; Little cherry virus-1; Grapevine leafroll-associated virus-7; Megakepasma mosaic virus; and Alligatorweed stunting virus