ICTV Master Species List 2009 - v10 (9th Report)

This Excel file contains the official ICTV Master Species List (MSL) for 2009. This spreadsheet lists all approved virus taxa and supersedes the previous taxonomy published as a part of the ICTV 8th Report as well as the 2008 Master Species List

This is version 10 of the MSL published on August 24, 2011.

NOTE: This version of the MSL is the version of the ICTV Taxonomy published in the book version of the ICTV 9th Report.


Changes from version 9 to version 10:

1. Change Bunyaviridae:Phlebovirus:Chandiru to Candiru

2. Change Bunyaviridae:Phlebovirus:Salehebad to Salehabad

3. Change Caudovirales:Siphoviridae:'L5-like viruses':Mycobacteria phage D29 to Mycobacterium phage D29

4. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:Autographivirinae:‘SP6-like viruses’ 

Delete the species Enterobacteria phage Era103"

5. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:Autographivirinae:‘SP6-like viruses’ 

Add the species Erwinia amylovora phage Era103"

6. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:‘BPP-1-like viruses’ 

Assign Bordetella phage BPP-1 as the type species"

7. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:‘BPP-1-like viruses’ 

Delete the species Salmonella phage BPP-1"

8. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:Autographivirinae:'PhiKMV-like viruses' 

Rename the species Enterobacteria phage LKA1 to Pseudomonas phage LKA1"

9. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:Autographivirinae:'PhiKMV-like viruses' 

Rename the species Enterobacteria phage phiKMV to Pseudomonas phage phiKMV"

10. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:Picovirinae:'AHJD-like viruses' 

Change the name of the type species from Staphylococcus phage AHJD to Staphylococcus phage 44AHJD"

11. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:Picovirinae:'AHJD-like viruses' 

Delete the species 44AHJD"

12. "Caudovirales:Podoviridae:‘N4-like viruses’ 

Change the name of the species Enterobacteria phage N4 to Escherichia phage N4"

13. "Reoviridae:Spinareovirinae:Idnoreovirus 

Remove hyphens and extra spaces in Idnoreovirus species names"

14. "Picornavirales:Dicistroviridae 

Add new genus Aparavirus in family Dicistroviridae"

15. "Picornavirales:Dicistroviridae:Aparavirus

Assign 4 existing species (Acute bee paralysis virus, Kashmir bee virus, Solenopsis invicta virus-1, Taura syndrome virus) to new Aparavirus  genus"

16. "Picornavirales:Dicistroviridae:Aparavirus

Designate Acute bee paralysis virus as type species of new genus"

17. "Picornavirales:Dicistroviridae:Aparavirus

Create new species Israeli acute paralysis virus in genus Aparavirus"