This large set of proposals from the Herpesviridae Study Group achieves a far-reaching up-date of herpesvirus taxonomy. It includes:

Establishment of the order Herpesvirales.
Assignment of the Herpesviridae and two new families to the order.
Transfer of genus Ictalurivirus to the new family Alloherpesviridae.
Population of the Alloherpesviridae with fish and amphibian viruses.
Establishment of a genus Ostreavirus in the new family Malacoherpesviridae.
Assignment of Ostreid herpesvirus 1 to genus Ostreavirus.
Creation of new genera Macavirus and Percavirus in subfamily Gammaherpesvirinae.
Creation of a new genus Proboscivirus in subfamily Betaherpesvirinae.
Assignments of species to various genera in the Herpesviridae.
Changing names of Old World non-human primate viruses to refer to host genus.