Foundations of Virology and Virus Images

Provided by:

Frederick A. Murphy
Department of Pathology, Route 0609
301 University Boulevard
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX 77555-0609

To access the most recent versions of Fred Murphy’s Foundation of Virology series, virus images, and papers including Discoverers and Discoveries, please follow the link below:

This page contains three tabs with the following information:


 (1) The Virus Images: Electron Micrographs tab leads to 22 virus images (plus various colorized versions of some of the images). The images and all the other resources in this website may be reprinted and/or used for educational or non-profit purposes, as long as they are credited appropriately. Note: large .tif or .jpg images will be downloaded when you right-click on the large thumbnails or or choose "Save Image as..." or "Save Picture as..." according to your browser. The large images range from 5 to 10 Mb.


(2) The Foundations of Virology tab leads to the main (combined) PowerPoint slide set, Foundations of Virology, and to the same set broken into six smaller files. This tab also contains the file for my 520 page eBook, with the same title, Foundations of Virology. This is a 117Mb .pdf file, which takes about 2 minutes to download on my home computer, but it is the lowest resolution (smallest file) possible using Adobe Acrobat. The highest resolution file, suitable for printing, is currently being evaluated for on-demand eBook printing at the UTMB printing facility. This file is also available, but I would have to send it on a DVD.


(3) The Virology Papers tab contains a Word file (.doc), Discovers and Discoveries, which has a large chronological table matching the entries in the PowerPoint slide set and the eBook. This tab also contains .pdf files of several of my old papers that are not available on the Internet.