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ICTV Files
  • ICTV Documents

    ICTV Documents

    Documents providing general information on virus taxonomy
    Last Activity: 28 days ago
  • Master Species Lists

    Master Species Lists

    The complete ICTV taxonomy provided as a downloadable spreadsheet.
    Last Activity: over 2 years ago
  • Approved Proposals

    Approved Proposals

    These proposals describe all of the taxonomic changes approved by the ICTV since the publication of the ICTV 8th Report in 2005.
  • Pending Proposals

    Pending Proposals

    Taxonomy Proposals awaiting consideration by the Executive Committee
  • Taxonomy Proposal Templates

    Taxonomy Proposal Templates

    Templates and instructions for preparing taxonomic proposals
  • EC Meetings

    EC Meetings

    Information on meetings of the ICTV Executive Committee.
    Last Activity: 14 days ago