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**New: ICTV 2014 Official Taxonomy **

Submitting Taxonomic Proposals

  • ICTV welcomes taxonomic proposals from any interested individual. To submit a proposal, download and complete the relevant parts of the taxonomic template (available at http://talk.ictvonline.org/files/folders/templates/default.aspx) and e-mail it to the appropriate subcommittee chair (Animal DNA Viruses and Retroviruses, Animal dsRNA and ssRNA- Viruses, Animal ssRNA+ Viruses, Bacterial and Archaeal Viruses, Fungal and Protist Viruses, or Plant viruses). Names and e-mail addresses can be found at http://www.ictvonline.org/executiveCommittee.asp

Additional ICTV Information 

The ICTV Ninth Report

      Congratulations to everyone involved in this monumental effort. Preparation of the Ninth Report has encompassed 6 years of work, and has involved hundreds of virologists putting together the most up-to-date internationally accepted taxonomy and nomenclature of all viruses. At 1327 pages, it is the largest report ICTV has ever published including 6 orders, 87 families, 19 subfamilies, 349 genera and 2284 virus and viroid species. It can be ordered from Amazon.     


ICTV gratefully acknowledges financial support from the American Society for Virology (USA), Society for General Microbiology (UK), and the Virology Division of IUMS. ICTV also very gratefully acknowledges the support it receives from all its Executive Committee members, Study Group members and National Representatives who volunteer a huge amount of their time and financial support to ensure that ICTV continues to function for the good of virology.